409A FAQs

Can you value LLCs?

Yes we can.

Can you value international companies with a need for 409As?

Yes we can.

What information do you need to provide a custom quote for Series B+ companies?

  • How many stock classes do you have?
  • Is the company generating a significant amount (>$200K) of revenue?
  • Is the company planning on conducting a round of financing within the next 3 months?
  • Who is your financial auditor? Will the auditor be conducting an in-depth review of the report?

Will you sign an NDA?

Due to the thousands of projects that we work on, we generally do not sign NDAs. Our customers refer to:

Do you perform other types of valuation services?

Yes we do. For example, we perform valuations for ASC 718 stock-based compensation expense reports. Please see the related article below on how to get started.