About LTSE Equity 409A

LTSE Equity is the fast, easy way to get a 409A valuation. Get your 409A with our hand-selected valuation providers. We make it simple, fast, and negotiate leading rates so you can confidently begin rewarding stock options.


LTSE Equity rigorously vets 409A valuation providers to offer you a defensible 409A from experienced professionals at preferred pricing.       
  • Defensibility: all of our providers have successfully defended 409As in front of the Big Four and the SEC
  • Experience: each of our providers have decades of experience valuing hundreds of companies
  • For all startup stages: we serve high-growth, venture-funded companies from seed to M&A and IPO
  • Personal service: access to your dedicated valuation analyst. Discuss needs and iterate on your 409A report.
  • Domain knowledge: whether it’s AI / ML, big data, crypto currency or BioTech, our providers bring a range of expertise to understand your business.
  • Preferred pricing: We’ve done the negotiating for you to lock in leading rates for LTSE Equity customers.
Our providers:


STEP 1 - Set up / update your cap table

Provide the equity data needed by your analyst to value your business and calculate your 409A. Build your cap table using our easy, guided software, or update your existing cap table in LTSE Equity. WHAT YOU NEED
  • Cap table spreadsheet or an export from a provider like Shareworks and Carta
  • Source paperwork for your securities, such as stock purchase agreements and SAFEs.
  • 30 minutes for recently founded companies to 1 week for large and complex companies with hundreds of stakeholders.
STEP 2 - Fill out the questionnaire Help your valuation analyst form a high level understanding of your business and your market. After submitting your data, your analyst will call you to discuss your share price expectations.  WHAT YOU NEED
  • Company formation documents
  • Business pitch
  • Financials
  • Market information and comparable companies
  • Upcoming fundraising / exit plans
  • 30 minutes to half a day, faster if you have an up-to-date data room from your recent funding round.
STEP 3 - Approve 409A report Review the draft 409A report that your analyst will submit in a few days. You can iterate on the report with your analyst, then have your Board of Directors approve. TIMING
  • 30 min kickoff call with your valuation analyst
  • 10 days to receive your draft 409A report


LTSE Equity got me an accurate and complete 409A with what I needed, when I needed it, in record time, with awesome customer service. Highly recommended!

Nigel Beck, CEO Whenlabs [ Alchemist XIX ]
LTSE Equity 409A was fast and easy. It took me only 30 min. to fill out everything online, and a 30 min. phone call with a helpful expert, and I received a detailed valuation back in less than a week. Great service!

Oghuzan Atay, CEO BillionToOne [ YC S17 ]
LTSE Equity 409A was a great solution for our most recent valuation. With excellent customer service and a quick turnaround time, they provided an outstanding valuation experience.

Steve Sniegowski, VP Finance Jio, Inc. [ Techstars S16 ]
LTSE Equity helped Open Listings get our 409A completed on a tight deadline and for a great price. Their team is extremely professional and responsive, and the process of importing our cap table was painless compared to other services we've used before. I can highly recommend their service!

Alex Farrill, CTO Open Listings [ YC W15 ]
LTSE Equity took all the pain out of getting a 409A appraisal. It was easy to import my information, answer a few questions, and submit. I got a quick response and was able to connect with an expert to clarify some information and get answers to questions. Thank you!

Keri Waters, CEO Buoy Labs [ Highway1 S16 ]
LTSE Equity 409A was fast, simple and automated. The valuation team was quick to respond and provide a valuation within a few days. We’ll be using this service again.

Giri Sreenivas, CEO Privacy Labs
We are an early stage company that needed a 409A ASAP so we could offer options to our employees. LTSE Equity 409A helped us get all the information we needed to the valuation experts easily and simply and on our own time (we didn't have to hold a ton of extensive meetings or other things to get this done). The valuation process was fast, easy, and transparent. Highly recommended!

Neal Khosla, Totemic Labs [ YC S17 ]



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