Add Stock Options Grant

Prior to granting stock options, there are a series of measures founders must take into consideration: 

  1. Submit Stock Options for Board Approval - check for remaining # authorized in the Plan, include vesting schedule details, etc.
  2. Execute paperwork e.g. Docusign, Hellosign, etc.
  3. Record Stock Option in, as shown below
  4. Share grants with stakeholder
  5. Monitor cliff and vesting over time
  6. Exercise, Lapse, Stop Vesting, Delete
    1. Exercise: See more for details on whether to choose Early Exercise.
    2. Lapse: If you want to return the un-exercised options to the pool, you may lapse the option grant. Usually when Company wants to termiante an
    3. Stop Vesting: Stop vesting and return unvested options back to plan. 
    4. Delete: Deleting an option grant will remove it entirely from the cap table. 

To add a stock options grant, click the Quick Create menu + icon on the left panel and choose Grant Stock Options.