Assign Signatories

Company signatories e-sign legal documents on your company's behalf using LTSE Equity. These documents include digital stock certificates and stock option paperwork. Signatories are required to issue securities digitally on LTSE Equity. Each type of security can have the same or a different signatory, so you can have the President sign stock certificates, and the Head of Talent sign stock options paperwork. Your signatories receive signature requests via email. They also see these requests on the To-Do List view, where they can sign multiple securities and documents in bulk.

Assign signatories during onboarding

During the last Access step of company onboarding. Add the signatory as a user with Detailed or Admin access, then assign them as a signatory.

Assign signatories for an existing company account

First add the signatory as a user on your company account. Go to Sharing, then click on Share and select Detailed or Admin access.

Next, go to Company > Company Information, click on Edit in the Signatories section, then assign the user as a signatory. Your signatory will receive an email to set up an account on LTSE Equity if they don't have an account.