Bulk Import Cap Table Data - Stakeholders

See related article below for an overview of how to bulk import cap table data into Captable.io, and the Captable.io import template. White columns are for export purposes only and should be ignored during import. 

Note - please remove all special characters from stakeholders names such as commas, periods, slashes, and/or dashes. Use of special characters will produce errors in the upload process.

  • Type - Required. Select whether the stakeholder is an "Individual" or "Institution".
  • First Name - Required. Stakeholder's or institution's authorized individual's first name.
  • Last Name - Required. Stakeholder's or institution's authorized individual's last name.
  • Institution Name - Required if "Type" is Institution. Full name of the institution.
  • Fund Name - Optional. Name of the fund the individual or institution belong to.
  • Role - Required. Select the stakeholder's role in the company from the drop down menu. Roles: Advisor, Board Member, Consultant, Employee, Founder, Investor, Other.
  • Email - Required. Stakeholder's email address.
  • Phone Number - Optional. Stakeholder's phone number.
  • Address - Optional. Stakeholder's street address.
  • City - Optional. Stakeholder's city.
  • State / Province - Optional. For USA, enter the state abbreviation. E.g. CA for California.
  • Zip / Postal Code - Optional. Address postal code.
  • Country Code - Optional. Click the Country Code link to view the list of ISO codes. Then select the corresponding code from the drop down menu.
  • Comments - Optional. Add any notes you would like to view on the stakeholder's profile page.