Bulk Import Cap Table Data - Stock Plans

See related article below for an overview of how to bulk import cap table data into Captable.io, and the Captable.io import template. White columns are for export purposes only and should be ignored during import. 

  • Plan Name - Required. Example: Stock Plan, Warrant Plan.
    • A unique name for this Stock Option or Warrant plan.
  • Plan Type - Required. Example: Option, Warrant.  
    • If you are creating an incentive stock option plan for your employees, type Option in the column. 
    • If you are trying to reserve shares for a Warrant as an investment, type Warrant in the column.
  • Underlying Security - Required. Example: Common Stock.
    • The common stock class from which shares will be allocated to this plan. Type the name exactly as it appears on the Classes tab, column A.
  • Board Approval Date - Required. Format (YYYY/MM/DD). Example: 2017/09/23.
    • Date when board approved the Option plan or Warrant.
  • Shares Authorized - Required. Example: 2500000.
    • Total umber of shares that will be allocated to the Option Plan or Warrant.
  • Comments  - Optional. Any comments?