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Firm Dashboard And Primary Admins

LTSE Equity Firm Dashboard

For law firms and accounting firms with more than 10 staff and clients, LTSE Equity offers a dashboard for all your colleagues to easily browse firm clients and request access to client cap tables. Your clients will also see your firm's branding throughout the LTSE Equity app. It is free to set up. You can request your firm's dashboard by contacting Anashe Barton anashe@ltse.com. 

Primary Admins

When you have lots of colleagues managing lots of client cap tables, and people rotate on and off clients, it’s hard to keep track of who has access to what. With LTSE Equity, you can assign one or multiple Primary Admins for your firm. They will be notified when new clients onboard, and manage access for your firm's staff. You no longer need to bother your client's CEO when you need access to a client cap table. Just request access from your Primary Admin.

The Primary Admins do not automatically have access to all of firm's client data, but they can grant themselves access. The need for this explicit action is designed to leave an audit trail.

When there are multiple Primary Admins at a firm, all will receive client access requests from your colleagues. When the first Primary Admin takes an action on an access request, other access requests will be deactivated.

To set up a Primary Admin, email your LTSE Equity Support Partner or support@ltse.com. We will set your new Primary Admin up and brief them on how it works.

Dedicated Support Partner

For firms with priority support package, a dedicated support partner is assigned to your firm to support your LTSE Equity needs, beyond our typical support channel and self-serve Knowledge Base. Learn more about priority support here.