Getting and renewing a 409A valuation

Get a 409A valuation with LTSE Equity takes just a few simple clicks and filling out a questionnaire. To start, click the 409A & Compliance menu in your LTSE Equity account. Please note, only admins can get a 409A valuation.

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Your valuation analyst needs your equity data to perform your valuation. Confirm that your data is complete and up to date in LTSE Equity. Then select "Request 409A".

Complete questionnaire

Help your valuation analyst form a high level understanding of your business and your market by filling out the questionnaire in Step 2.

In the questionnaire, the Valuation Date determines when your valuation will become effective. It should be the last date of a month. 409A valuations will remain effective for 12 months from this date or when a new material event happens, such as a new funding round.

Once the questionnaire is complete, click Finalize at the bottom. The questionnaire can be edited after Finalization if necessary. You can also save your progress by clicking the Save Draft button at the bottom.

Submission and payment

Click Continue to Payment. You will upload your payment details and sign the engagement letter. If you are on our Boost plan, the 409A will be free.

Renewing your 409A

To renew your 409A, follow the above steps again. Change the valuation date to a new date, for example, a year from the last valuation date. Update your company information in the questionnaire as needed. When you're done updating, submit the questionnaire.