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How to upload documents and paperwork to securities

Documents and paperwork can be uploaded for stock classes, stock plans, stock grants, option grants, convertible instruments and warrants. They are visible to the stakeholders.

See related article below for what kind of files are compatible with Captable.io.

Upload individual documents

To upload documents for each security, such as stock grants, go to Ownership > Stock, click on the stock grant's ID, e.g. CS-1, to inspector its details. Click on Upload within the Documents section, then select your file.

Upload documents in bulk

To upload documents for all your securities in bulk, download this spreadsheet template. Replace the sample data with your security IDs and document filenames, 1 document per row. Security IDs and filenames must be unique. Filenames in the spreadsheet must match the files' filenames. Email the completed spreadsheet and a zip file of all the documents to be uploaded to support@ltse.com.