Issue Certificate-free Stock or Stock Certificates


  • Set your company's stock issuance method
  • Create stock legend
  • Create stock class
  • If you issue stock certificates: assign company officers as signatories

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Set your company's stock issuance method

Select "Yes" for Certificate-free stock issuance. Select "No" for certificated stock issuance.

Add stock grant

Click the Quick Create menu + icon on the left panel and select Grant Stock. Enter your security details and click Save and Issue. The stock grant will be added to your digital stock ledger on LTSE Equity.


Issue stock to stakeholder

On the following stock issuance view, make sure the stakeholder’s email is entered correctly. The stakeholder will need to use this email to login and view their holdings. All notifications to the stakeholder, including the Notice of Issuance of Stock, will be sent to this email.

You can preview the Notice of Issuance or the Stock Certificate before issuing.

If you issue stock certificates, LTSE Equity will take care of the whole issuance process: generating the certificate using the below template, gather signatures from your company officers, and delivering the certificate to your stakeholder.

Alternatively, you can issue stock certificates outside of LTSE Equity, and attach the completed paperwork to your digital records on LTSE Equity.

Issue past grants

To issue stock grants that were added previously but haven't been issued, go to Ownership > Stock, click on the grant ID, e.g. CS-125, and click Issue. The prerequisites must be met before stock can be issued to stakeholders.