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List of Securities Registration Exemptions

What are registration requirements for securities?

All securities offerings have to be registered (for example via IPO) or be exempt by meeting certain rules. Giving your employees stock options is a securities offering.

Securities registration exemptions supported by LTSE Equity

Here is a list of exemptions supported by LTSE Equity. All U.S. SEC federal security exemptions are supported. See related articles below for details on each specific exemption.

  • Reg A (Tier 1)
  • Reg A (Tier 2)
  • Reg CF
  • Reg D - 504
  • Reg D - 505
  • Reg D - 506
  • Reg D - 506(b)
  • Reg D - 506(c)
  • Reg S
  • Rule 144
  • Rule 701
  • Section 4(a)(1-1/2)
  • Section 4(a)(2)
You can select "Non-U.S." or "Other" for international security registration exemptions.