LTSE Equity Release Notes - 2018

December 2018

  • Automatically create matching stock grants during stock option exercises
  • Easily switch between your favorite LTSE tools like with the new tool switcher
  • Y Combinator - support for the new YC post-money SAFE throughout the app, including ability to convert to fixed ownership
  • Y Combinator - support for YC Winter 2019 batch companies, for example, the ability to Quick Create a YC Deal
  • Updated and to support all convertible instruments, including post-money SAFEs

October 2018

  • Law firms and accounting firms - there’s now an easy way to manage lots of client cap tables at scale with our new firm dashboard. A dedicated master admin at your firm can manage access for your team as team members rotate on and off of clients. Contact to set up your firm’s dashboard.
  • Federal exemption can now be tracked for eligible equity awards. Rule 701 and Section 4(a)(2) are supported.
  • Assess your Rule 701 exemption eligibility with the new Rule 701 Report.
  • Your account is now your LTSE Account, providing you access to multiple tools for building startups.
  • An email notifications is sent to all cap table admins when a new admin is added.

September 2018

  • Moved exercised stock options to Securities -> Plans view so they can be tracked with stock option grants. Exercised stock options no longer change the allocated shares in your stock plan, or the number of authorized shares in the underlying stock class.

August 2018

  • Cancelled restricted stock is no longer part of the total In Stakeholder detail view
  • Added in-app help and improved labeling for fully diluted total shares across all share classes

July 2018

  • Repurchase restricted stock

March 2018

  • Y Combinator - portfolio companies can now import their fundraising info from Clerky

February 2018

  • Issue restricted stock from option pool