LTSE Equity Release Notes - 2019

December 2019

  • Interest is no longer required for SAFE convertible instruments.
  • We published our LTSE Equity plan pricing and details here, so you know exactly how much the optional features and support services cost without having to reach out to us.
  • You can now accept our service agreement and subscribe to LTSE Equity in-app.

November 2019

  • A new summarized and detailed cap table report that shows ownership by stakeholders, and as-converted preferred stock.
  • Stakeholders can now keep their own info up-to-date, such as their contact address. For cap table admins that manage thousands of stakeholders, this can save a ton of time.
  • ASC 718 stock based compensation (SBC) expense accounting and reporting add-on is now available. Contact sales here.
  • Investors - new fund administration add-on is now available. Contact sales here.

October 2019

  • A new reporting section that centralizes all LTSE Equity's reporting and data exports.
  • Catch duplicate stakeholder and email errors with smarter warnings, whether you're bulk importing stakeholder data or entering stakeholder data in-app.
  • A new onboarding step to help you gather data and paperwork necessary to set up a cap table.
  • A better stock class editor that guides you to create an accurate stock class.
  • Improved performance for cap tables with thousands of stakeholders and securities.

September 2019

  • When certificated stock is issued, LTSE Equity automatically generates the digital stock certificate with the correct security data. Company officers digitally sign the certificate, then it is delivered to the stakeholder for acceptance. With this update, LTSE Equity becomes the first cap table platform that supports two common methods of issuing stock - certificate-free and with stock certificates.
  • Company officers can be assigned as company signatories to digitally sign documents, such as stock certificates.
  • A To-Do List for what's needed to set up accurate records, so you can issue securities to your stakeholders and model your next funding round.
  • A notification to remind you that the company's 409A, necessary for issuing stock options, is about to expire.
  • Kauffman Foundation / Techstars - updated cap table modeling teaching aid for the Fall 2019 Venture Deals Course.
  • Stock transfers are improved to reflect the status of underlying instruments. We also show your previous full transfers as "Transferred" instead of hiding them. More details here.

August 2019

  • New onboarding process that guides you to accurately set up your stakeholder records, cap table and company access.
  • When certificate-free stock is issued, LTSE Equity automatically generates the required Notice of Issuance of Stock for the stakeholder to accept. The stock grant detail view shows an audit log with the issuance and acceptance status.
  • Y Combinator - added support for Winter 2020 batches.
  • Techstars / Y Combinator - updated data for 1-click investment creation.
  • For post money safes, ownership at conversion can now be a decimal number.
  • Bulk import stakeholder data using the improved LTSE Equity import template. Great when you're setting up a company with hundreds of employees. The import template also has smarter conditional formatting and data validation to help you with manual data entry. Learn more here. Pro tip: export data from your HRIS system, such as Gusto, then copy it into the import template.

July 2019

  • Stakeholder data properties are now clearer and more comprehensive. There's also a new Stakeholder Information view to show all the data properties. Because we transitioned from full name only to first and last name, you may need to edit your stakeholder to split the name.
  • Set up stock legend for your company, which can then be added to stock grants. A default legend element called "Default - Securities Act of 1933" is added as an example, which you can edit and add to based on your needs.
  • To make it easier to find and track the security status, such as whether it's been accepted by the stakeholder, or whether it's been cancelled, the stock ledger table in Ownership - Stock view is updated to include this information.
  • We added and revised company and stakeholder data properties to help you keep clean and accurate records. For example, we clarified that your company name should be your legal entity name, and we added a “doing business as” (DBA) field for the name you normally go by.
  • For transactions that result in new stock grants being created, for example, stock option exercises, we added a preview of the new stock grant's properties, so you know exactly what the system will create for your stakeholder.
  • Law firms and accounting firms - we now support multiple master admins to manage client and staff access. More details here.

June 2019

  • To improve long-term record keeping, we now link stock grants that result from repurchases to the original RSA grant.
  • Track whether your company issues certificate-free stock so LTSE Equity can help you deliver Notice of Issuance of Stock to your stakeholders.
  • Option grant vesting visualization now reflects whether the grant's vesting was stopped.
  • Stock grant and certificate IDs uniqueness is now enforced. We also warn you if you used duplicate IDs in the past.

May 2019

  • More transparent and easy-to-understand access control levels.
  • Fully diluted ownership sharing can now be turned off for each company.
  • Vesting calculations now group fractional shares into whole shares, instead of rounding for every period.
  • Fast409A submission and payment process is now more robust thanks to a new technical implementation with our 409A valuation partner Morgan Stanley.
  • Timeline view can now be paginated, loads much faster for large cap tables.
  • Cap table import and export templates are now unified into a single template. We added cap table summary statistics and rounded out the exported stakeholder data fields. It also has a fresh new design!
  • You can now upload a Microsoft Powerpoint (.pptx) file as an attachment.

April 2019

  • View and sort Stock Options, Exercises and Restricted Stock Awards across all your stock plans.
  • Quickly understand what's granted and what's still available in your stock plans with new visualizations and summary statistics.
  • Stay compliant with IRS Section 83(b) election tracking.
  • To improve long-term record keeping, we now link the option grant and resulting stock grant together during an exercise, and show you the unexercised balance for every option grant.
  • More comprehensive and transparent data for stakeholders with summary statistics and layout for large shareholdings in the revamped stakeholder portal. Views are updated to be consistent with company stock plan view.

March 2019

  • Keeping an eye on what's changed on your cap table helps you keep it safe. We added an Activity Digest email notification. It's sent weekly on Monday to all your cap table admins. There's also a new Notification Settings view in the app.
  • We added a new Company view, where you can easily find your company information and 409A valuations. All cap table related views are consolidated in the Ownership view.
  • Enter a custom lapsed date when lapsing options.

February 2019

  • Y Combinator - add post-money SAFE support in our Clerky integration for supported YC batches
  • Y Combinator - portfolio companies can now sign up by themselves to access all YC-specific features
  • In Convertible Instrument Calculator, we now highlight Series A investors’ portion so you can see how pro rata investors shrink the Series A availability
  • This LTSE Equity Support Knowledge Base!

January 2019