LTSE Equity Release Notes - 2020

December 2020

  • Accurately track how much funding you raised with updated capital contribution math. What your investors paid for their stock can be different from your stock class's price per share. You can now enter how much was paid in cash and other considerations, such as IP. A purchase price can now be tracked for your warrants.
  • A new security detail page that consistently shows details for each type of security we support: stock, options, convertible securities and warrants. We also updated the vesting details table that breaks down how your security vests by tranche and time.

November 2020

  • An updated app homepage that shows your cap table overview. This view's math is now the same as our cap table spreadsheet report. You can now search for a specific stakeholder and see what they own in this view's Detailed Ownership section.
  • Stock plan reserved shares can now be zeroed out. When you retire a stock plan, zeroing it out instead of deleting it lets you keep the stock plan for record keeping.

October 2020

  • Ensure your total authorized / reserved shares are accurate at any point in time by editing your stock class / stock plan's amendment history.
  • Fast409A - enter information required by our valuation partner Morgan Stanley's Know-Your-Customer process in the questionnaire, save time on the back-and-forth.
  • A custom vesting schedules tranche can now have a 0-month duration. Use it to record shares that vest upfront at the vesting start date.
  • Track how much time employees and stakeholders have to exercise their vested options after they leave your company. Create a departure exercise schedule template and apply it to stock option grants. Multiple departure causes, such as disability and retirement, can be tracked separately.

September 2020

  • Create custom vesting schedules with different timed tranches. For example, a stepped, accelerating vesting schedule that vests 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% each year over 4 years.

August 2020

  • Know exactly when and how many shares you vest. View detailed share, exercise and fair market value calculations for each vesting tranche when viewing security details.
  • A revised Stakeholders view that highlights stakeholder info. Stakeholder ownership breakdown is moved to the Ownership > Cap Table Overview section.
  • Y Combinator - added support for the W21 (Winter 2021) and S21 (Summer 2021) batch.

July 2020

  • Import multiple new stakeholders in bulk using a spreadsheet template.
  • Export reports as of a specific date. This cuts down on the manual work for your finance / audit workflows.

June 2020

  • Reporting
    • Audit missing documents attached to each security with the new document audit report.
    • Export exercise transactions as a spreadsheet report.
    • Export stakeholder contacts as a spreadsheet report.

May 2020

  • Create and audit vesting schedules that can be reused for all vesting securities. Before this release, each time you issued a security grant with a vesting schedule, you would have to define all vesting properties for the securities from scratch. Now, you can define these once and apply them to multiple grants. It's worth noting that an update to a vesting schedule is then applied to each grant that uses that schedule.
  • Lapsed option grants can be un-lapsed.
  • Investors - your whole team, including your fund admin firm, can now view and manage all your holdings accepted by any team member on one dashboard. Contact support to set this up.
  • Partner offers can now be redeemed with a code when changing the subscription plan and providing a payment. Contact your ecosystem affiliates, such as Y Combinator, SVB and Orrick, for a partner code.

March 2020

  • The full audit log history can be filtered and exported as a spreadsheet report.

February 2020

  • Exercise transactions can now be reverted in the app, so errors can be corrected without contacting support.
  • ledger export now shows dates and summary statistics for securities that have been canceled, repurchased, vested or exercised.
  • All stock grants from all stock classes are now shown together in a unified stock ledger table, so they can be filtered, sorted and paginated.
  • Live product demo & Q&A with the product team can now be scheduled here.

January 2020

  • Y Combinator - added support for the S20 (Summer 2020) batch.