LTSE Equity Release Notes - 2021

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December 2021

  • ToDo list improvements. We made it much easier to get started with LTSE Equity. Now when you sign up, you’ll see a ToDo list with action items that will help guide you to setting up a fully compliant, complete cap table.
  • In-app offers. For companies that qualify for special offers, they will see them in a new Offers section.
  • Navigation improvements. We’ve updated the core application menu to make navigation simpler and more intuitive.
  • Other performance improvements

November 2021

  • Two-factor authentication support for LTSE Account. We’ve introduced enhancements to account security that allow users to add secondary authentication via SMS message or OTP.
  • Subscription-less companies can export their cap tables. Companies that have expired subscriptions can easily export their entire cap table.
  • We’ve sunsetted a few things:
    • Clerky integration
    • YC Admin Dashboard
    • Public case study feature and Techstars x Kauffman Foundation exercise

September 2021

  • 409A valuation requests in LTSE Equity. We’ve added the ability to make 409A valuation requests directly within LTSE Equity. Now companies can easily send a request which will get routed to a 409A valuation provider with results directly integrated into their LTSE Equity account.

August 2021

  • Accidently issued stock options but forgot to attach documents to e-sign? We'll now warn you when that happens so you don't have to redo the whole issuance again.
  • If you're a company signatory, you can now sign multiple securities at once. Very useful when you're issuing a batch of 100 option grants. If you're a stakeholder, you can also sign and accept multiple securities at once.
  • Want to skip issuing securities using LTSE Equity because they were already issued before and you're just recording the record? You can now mark one or all of your draft securities as issued to skip the e-sign workflow.

July 2021

  • Stakeholders will get an email when their option grants were edited and what changed.
  • Option grants can now be canceled. It's one more way to track the record in addition to forfeiting them after an employee leaves your company.

June 2021

  • A  digital workflow to issue stock options using LTSE Equity, complete with paperwork e-sign, employee acceptance and tracking.
  • Build reusable document sets and attach them to securities that share the same documents, like stock option agreements.
  • An updated Plans and Equity Awards view that can be filtered by stakeholders. We also made it clear what the security status is: outstanding, exercised, lapsed, etc.

May 2021

  • We added more event types to the Audit Log so it contains a full history of what happened to your equity data. You can also filter by time and the team member that performed the action.
  • Track options and warrant expiration as exact dates instead of periods of years.

April 2021

  • We have a new homepage!
  • We separated our stock option Exercise and Termination workflow into 3 parts: exercise, stop vesting and lapse. This lets us improve the workflows separately, starting with exercise.
  • You can now attach documents to your exercise transactions. Early exercise no longer needs to be selected. It's now based on whether you exercise more options than what's vested.

March 2021

  • Customer vesting schedule now supports tranches measured in days in addition to months. You can build a schedule with tranches like 1 month, then 5 days, then another 1 month.
  • You can now sign in with your Google and G Suite account.
  • We made it easier to set the country and state for stakeholders by adding a filter to the input.
  • We brought the delete company button back so you can delete your unused company accounts without contacting support.
  • We've added inline support articles so you can learn about LTSE Equity without having to leave where you are.

February 2021

  • We renamed some terms in our app to align with what you expect. For example, shareholder is renamed as stakeholder, because the groups of stakeholders that play critical roles in your success are broader than those that hold shares in your company.
  • Add new stakeholder properties: tax ID, payroll ID. You can use them to pull data from your other systems using our import spreadsheet template. For example, VLOOKUP payroll IDs from data exported by your HR system and automatically populate your employees' addresses.
  • Stakeholders can now only edit their personal details like name and address. Admins can edit all stakeholder properties like payroll ID.