Managing LLCs in LTSE Equity

Here's how to set up and manage your LLC in LTSE Equity.

LLC membership

Members of the LLC are entered as stakeholders in LTSE Equity.

Capital interests

Capital interests units are modeled as stock in LTSE Equity. Enter membership units as shares when you create the stock grant.

Profits interests

Profits interests are also modeled as stock in LTSE Equity. Profits interests that are issued out of a unit plan are modeled as RSAs (restricted stock awards).

Distribution threshold is the money that goes to capital interest holders first before profits interest holders get their cut during a liquidity event. Distribution threshold can be tracked in the comment when you add / edit profits interest in LTSE Equity.

Profit interest holders are members of your LLC instead of employees. You can change the stakeholder's relationship by viewing and editing the stakeholder.

Unit plans

Unit plans are modeled as stock plans in LTSE Equity.

Schedule K-1 filing

LLCs issue Schedule K-1 (IRS Form 1065), Partner's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits, etc, to its members. LTSE Equity does not support Schedule K-1 filing at this time.