May 2020 - Vesting Schedule Templates

What's new

  • Create company-wide vesting schedules that can be reused for all vesting securities. 
  • Audit how many securities use a particular vesting schedule.
  • Update vesting schedule properties in bulk for multiple securities by updating the underlying template.
Before this release, each time you issued a vesting security, you would have to define all vesting properties for the securities from scratch. 

Your existing vesting schedules and securities

We automatically created vesting schedules for each of your companies' unique vesting property combinations, and linked them to your securities. No vesting numbers and calculations were changed. For example, if you had 10 stock option grants with a 4-year vest, 1-year cliff vesting schedule, you'll see the "4y monthly, 1y cliff" vesting schedule linked to 10 securities in's Company Info and 409A > Vesting Schedules view.

Action needed from cap table admins

When you create a new company, set up vesting schedules before adding and importing securities.