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Offboarding from LTSE Equity

Offboarding from LTSE Equity involves a series of steps to ensure a smooth transition and data security. Whether you are leaving a company or no longer require access to LTSE Equity, this guide will walk you through the necessary steps to complete the offboarding process.

Step 1: Download Required Reports

The first step in the offboarding process is to download several essential reports from your LTSE Equity account. These reports contain critical ownership and compliance data that you may need for future reference. Here's how to do it:

  1. Navigate to the Reports Tab: After logging into your LTSE Equity account, go to the "Reports" tab in the main menu.

  2. Under Cap Table: Summary and Detailed Ownership Reports (LTSE Equity Format): Locate and download the "Summary" and "Detailed Ownership by Stakeholder" reports in LTSE Equity format. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of ownership data.

  3. Under Security Ledger Report: Download the following reports from the "Security Ledger Report" section:

    • LTSE Equity Format
    • Exercise Transaction Report
    • 83(b) Elections Report
  4. Under Compliance: In the "Compliance" section, find and download the following reports:

    • Stakeholder Contact Sheet
    • Document Audit Report

Step 2: Review Uploaded Documents

To ensure you have all the necessary documents and data, navigate to the "Document Audit" tab in your LTSE Equity account. Review any documents uploaded to the securities section and download them if needed.

Step 3: Download Document Sets

In the "Company Settings" menu, find and access the "Document Sets" section. Download any document sets you have put together during your time using LTSE Equity.

Step 4: Check for Additional Documents

Perform a final check on your cap table to ensure there are no other documents uploaded anywhere in your account. This includes checking under the "Options and Equity Awards" menu, such as your Stock Plan.

Step 5: Contact LTSE Equity Support

As a crucial final step, it's essential to notify LTSE Equity Support about your departure or the closure of your account. This ensures that your account is deleted, and your users no longer receive notifications from LTSE Equity. You can typically contact support through the platform's messaging system or by using the provided contact information.

By following these steps, you can successfully offboard from LTSE Equity while preserving critical data and ensuring a clean exit from the platform. Remember to communicate with your organization's IT or security team if there are specific data retention or security policies to adhere to during this process.