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Recording Custom Vesting Schedules

Sometimes you need more than a standard vesting schedule with evenly spaced vesting tranches, like the common 4-year vest with 1-year cliff. LTSE Equity supports these custom vesting schedule:

Vesting with custom time-based tranches

Go to Company > Vesting & Departure

Click Add Custom Schedule

Vesting tranches can be divided by percentage and frequency:

The resulting stock option:

To represent upfront vesting, enter 0 month duration for the first tranche. The percentage in this 0-month tranche will vest on the vesting start date.

Milestone-based vesting

Equity awards with milestone-based vesting, also known as performance-based vesting, are set to vest at the occurrence of a certain event. For example, the Chief Revenue Officer's stock options vest 100% when the company's revenue reaches $1,000,000. The milestone-based vesting feature will be released in November 2021.