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Sample Uncertificated Stock Board Consent (no bylaw amendment)

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[Company Name]

Action by Unanimous Written Consent


In accordance with Section 141(f) of the Delaware General Corporation Law and the Bylaws of [Company Name], a Delaware corporation (the “ Company”), the undersigned, constituting all of the members of the Company’s Board of Directors (the “Board”), hereby take the following actions and adopt the following resolutions by unanimous written consent without a meeting:

1.              Uncertificated Stock

RESOLVED:  That all shares of the Company’s capital stock shall be uncertificated, provided that the Company may issue certificated shares for some or all of any or all classes or series of its stock if deemed advisable and in the best interests of the Company by the officers, in consultation with legal counsel.

RESOLVED FURTHER:  That the officers are authorized and directed to send a written notice to record owners of shares of uncertificated stock in accordance with the Delaware General Corporation Law (upon the request of such record owner).

2.              Omnibus Resolution

RESOLVED:  That the officers of the Company are hereby authorized and directed, on behalf and in the name of the Company, to make all such arrangements, to do and perform all such acts and things, including, without limitation, soliciting appropriate consents or waivers from stockholders, and to execute and deliver all such instruments, certificates and other documents as they may deem necessary or appropriate in order to effectuate fully the purpose of each and all of the foregoing resolutions and the transactions contemplated thereby and the undersigned hereby ratify and confirm any and all actions taken heretofore and hereafter by such officers to accomplish such purposes.

[Signature Page Follows]

In accordance with the Company’s Bylaws, this action may be executed in writing[, or consented to by electronic transmission,] in any number of counterparts, each of which when so executed shall be deemed to be an original and all of which taken together shall constitute one and the same action.

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