Set Federal Exemption For Securities

Before a grant's Federal Exemption status can be set, the stakeholder's type and role must be set. 

Head to the Stakeholders tab on the left panel. Here, select the name of the particular stakeholder whose security grant needs the exemption. 

Click Information below the stakeholder's name. In the Description section you can see the stakeholder Type and Role. If either of these is incorrect, click the Edit button to change it.

Once the Stakeholder Type and Role are set, you can set the Federal Exemption for the grant from the grant's Edit page. 

To edit a Stock Grant, go to the Ownership tab on the left panel. Select the particular grant you want to edit by its Cert number. At the top you will see options to Edit, Cancel, Delete, and more.

The Federal Exemption section is at the bottom of the Edit Grant page.

*See below for article on How to edit Option Grants