Set up document templates to issue securities and e-sign

To issue securities in LTSE Equity, first set up your documents so they can be e-signed. You can attach 1 document set and as many individual documents as you need to each security.

Prepare legal document templates

Write "As described on LTSE Equity" in your legal document's blank fields. For example:

Set up individual documents

Documents can be attached to each individual securities. You can upload your prepared document while adding a security.

For securities that were drafted, go to a security detail view, scroll down to the Documents section and click Upload to upload your prepared document template.

Set up document sets

Documents can also be set up as a document set. You can reuse a document set across multiple securities.

To set up a document set, go to Company info > Document sets, click Add document set, then upload your prepared documents.

Then you can attach your document set to securities while you add and edit securities.