Security issuance - beta

Currently released as an opt-in beta, we have enhanced the issuance workflows for stock, restricted stock, and options. Updated features include:

  • Bulk signing of stock issuances by signatories
  • Bulk acceptance of stock issuances by stakeholders
  • Creation of a Security Agreement (PDF) issued after this feature is enabled
    • In place of or in addition to a certificate, this document summarizes the details of the security and can be downloaded by or shared with stakeholders.
    • In addition to a summary of the grant details, the Security Agreement contains  the formal Stock / Option Agreement and any additional documents attached to the security. It can be previewed while the security is in a draft state and is attached to the grant after the grant has been signed.

To enable these features, select “Enable beta feature”.

When enabling this beta feature, please note:

  • Opting in to the beta will require that you now attach a document set to each new issuance.
  • Once you have issued stock via the new workflow (with the beta enabled), the beta can no longer be disabled.

For further details (and additional screenshots) of the complete issuance process, please reference Issue stock options.