Stock Issuance - Signed Agreements

You can now execute signed stock purchase agreements via LTSE Equity. We provide pre-pended signature pages for you and your stakeholder to download.


Here's a quick video, but step by step instructions are detailed below:

  • First, ensure the Stock Issuance Beta feature is turned on in your Subscription and Features tab 
  • Next, navigate to your Document Sets and ensure the proper form documents are set up for your stock issuance. Here's how to add your document sets.
  • Then, proceed with drafting a stock grant. Add the document set when creating a grant, or attach using the bulk editor.
  • Preview the signed agreement once issued. Next, issue the grant and send it to signatories to sign. Ensure the stakeholder's email is entered.
  • If you are the company's signatory, go ahead and sign the grant. You can see all the securities awaiting signature in your Action Items tab.
  • Once the agreement is signed, it is sent to the stakeholder for acceptance. Once they sign, the executed agreement will be available on the stock grant page. 
  • You can also track when the stakeholder signs at the bottom of the document.